Equipment & Services

Utilize Our Services & Equipment to Extend
the Operation of Your Well

Let TWS, Inc. help lengthen the life of your oil well and improve production. Our professional grade equipment and experienced operators provide regular repairs and maintenance including fishing tools, reverse units, cranes, and more.

Oil Well Fishing Tools

If your well has parted rods or casings, TWS, Inc. can retrieve it using our fishing tools. Whatever your fishing needs, we have the equipment for the job. We know every hour your well is down costs you, so we’ll get the job done quickly.

Reverse Equipment

Our reverse units can get your well up and going again. From completions to well boar clean outs, give TWS, Inc. a call today.

Haul & Winch Trucks

Call today to schedule one of our professionals to get the job done.

Call today to schedule one of our professional operators & well servicing units.